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Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Due Diligence

• Debt Collection

• Privatisation

We have been involved in some of the major privatisation cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina including Central Profit Bank, Sarajevo and BH Steel Company, Zenica.

• Foreign Investment

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Banking

Preparation and registration of securities on immovable assets – mortgages, and other forms of collaterals. Legal assistance for banks, financial institutions and the partner companies in order to secure their financial assets provided to local industry as working capital, for the purchase of raw material and machines.

• General Commercial Practice

We are providing full legal support since the establishment of a new firm, preparation of company regulations and by-laws, preparation of employment and other contracts, renting or purchase of assets, capital transfer and restructuring, status changes, litigation, intelectual property protection etc.

• Energy


Obtaining Licences for local and international electricity trade.

• Environmental Law

• Projects

We have participated in number of development and legal projects funded by the EU, MIGA, EBRD and the World Bank

• Charitable Organisations

• All procedures with the Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

We had successful experience in applications for Concentration Approval, with disputes related to misuse of dominant market position and other procedures.

• Registration of Industrial Property Rights and its judicial protection in case of infringement

• Legal services related to Customs Procedures and applications for Customs Reductions

• Providing of legal services related to Pension and Disability Insurance in accordance to laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina, international agreements and regulations of foreign countries

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